Julie Orr Nielsen

Profile Updated: December 9, 2015
Residing In: wauwatosa, WI USA
Occupation: artist/mom/etc., not necessarily in any order
Spouse/Partner: Mike, married since 2004
Children: Lily, born 2006 (9)
Henry, born 2008 (7)
Homepage: www.etsy.com/shop/juliesstudio401

12/15 Hi everyone! I just applied to be the Artist in Residence at the Pfister Hotel! You can vote!
Goto www.facebook.com/juliesstudio401 to find out how!

I have two brilliant kids. Lily is a dancer, singer, actor, artist and everybody's bestfriend. Henry is an almost certified genius and is comical and artistic. Both of them crack me up every day.
I posted some pictures of my recent work. I fell out of creating art for a few years. Life got tooo hectic with 2 little kids. I had an art studio/mini gallery in Walker's Point near downtown Milwaukee for almost 5 years where I created art. Mostly ceramic tile at the time and some painting commissions. I showed some other local artist's work including Jessi's (Combe). After my second child was born I closed up shop and put all my equipment into storage and have been a mostly stay at home mom since then. Then when my son FINALLY started all day kindergarten and I went back to working almost full time again with 2 jobs. I have molded my hours around the kids' schedules and they still feel like I'm their "stay at home mom".
I was plugging along like this until February, 2014 when I had a freak fall and broke my right kneecap...I wasn't able to drive or work for almost 4 mos. Soooooo... I've been doing artwork again. Yay! I opened up a "shop" on Etsy.com (online art sales) called juliesstudio401. Go check it out! Buy something! I don't want to work anymore!!! I have a FB page for my art now too; also called Julie's Studio 401.
I'll be adding to the shop often so check back. In August, 2014 I started teaching painting and drawing for a company called Grumbacher that makes paints and art supplies. I really like it a lot and teach at different venues including Michaels stores, senior homes and now I'm doing home art parties! Painting or drawing... Email to book one! Super fun! It's just like the studio bars around town that serve wine...except you serve the tasty drinks and food and I setup, teach and cleanup. And you keep your own gorgeous artwork.
I also hope to start illustrating 2 children's books; one that I wrote and one that my husband wrote which is actually a song that may be released on cd if it ever gets published (he's a guitarist and works in sales). I'll probably put info about that on etsy if I get going on it. I'm thinking about crowdfunding to get you allll to rally and contribute funds to the projects so I can quit my jobs and devote my time to them. We'll see... unfortunately for now I have to work and fit in some time to paint/draw my own things.

Ps! I have a new studio! Moved in May 2015! It's called the Springs Gallery/Studios at 521 Wisconsin ave Waukesha, WI 53186. We have 6 Art Crawls a year and various other events. I TEACH drawing and painting in our gorgeous classroom! Adults or kids! There's a gallery with 8+artists on display! Checkout my FB Julie's Studio 401 page for more info. Or email for more info:nielsenjulie@rocketmail.com
Update! I just applied to be the Artist In Residence at the Pfister Hotel! Amazing opportunity! A very coveted residency with some very stiff competition. There will be voting! You can vote for me! Like my www.facebook.com/juliesstudio401 to find out how. Thanks!

Favorite Memories from School:

Ha! in between classes at the lockers was almost always fun.

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Julie Orr Nielsen's has a birthday today.
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Julie Orr Nielsen's has a birthday today.
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12-8-15. Hi I just applied to be the Artist in Residence at the Pfister Hotel. Very stiff competition as it's an amazing opportunity so there will be voting! When it gets to that stage I'll post again. Please voice your opinion and vote for me! Thanks!

Dec 09, 2015 at 9:15 AM
Aug 08, 2015 at 11:04 AM

I will add new artwork photos soon.

Julie Orr Nielsen's has a birthday today.
Jan 06, 2015 at 4:33 AM
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