Dawn Guetzke Benavides

Profile Updated: August 6, 2009
Residing In: Oak Creek, WI USA
Occupation: Compliance Specialist
Spouse/Partner: John Benavides
Children: Gabriella & Alyssa, August 1996
AJ (Alyssa) step daughter, July 1988

After High School I attended UW Oshkosh and UWWC- West Bend. Shortly after, I started working for a company that specialized in benefits. I worked for about 11 years there as a pension administrator. Basically I ran compliance testing on company's pension/401(k) plans to make sure company's were providing benefits equally and fairly to their employees in accordance to the rules and regulations set in place by the DOL/IRS. I am now working at a company called EMJAY Corp (for the past 3.5 yrs) in Glendale and am taking on more responsibilities in the same field. Blah, blah, blah...It all sounds pretty boring and I rarely have conversations about my job outside of work- except to my husband (poor thing) who has to listen to my mouth ramble on about how stressful it is. I'm trying to re-think the whole "what I want to be when I grow up" thing.

I had my twins in 1996. Alyssa was born with down syndrome and that was a huge kick in the stomach. But she is a very funny girl and I just love her, even though she can be very sassy. She has a lot of health problems and we have spent many days at Children's Hospital over the years. It's just a normal thing for us now. My other daughter, Gabi, is a very dedicated student who maintains above a 4.0 gpa. Clearly she took after her mother!

I won't go in to the story about my 1st husband but he had to go...not a nice guy. My new husband is wonderful. He took on all my baggage, and there was a lot! He has a daughter, AJ (also Alyssa) who is 21 years old and goes to college in Arizona.

Weird thing- I married two guys, both named John. I have a daughter named Alyssa and my step daughter's name is Alyssa.

Favorite Memories from School:

Senior year was so much fun. It seems like everybody was friends with everybody. I remember senior study hall being very loud..I think it was mostly me! Man, 20 years seems like 100. I think alzheimer's is setting in. I can't remember much....
Ok I met up with some dear friends who jogged my memory... Wendy mentions that we did doughnuts in the school parking lot with my mustang and the wiper blades flew off but she forgot to mention that when I turned the heat on we were blasted in the face by snow that came out of the vents. What the hell was that?
At a Konzal Party- Amy Stiever was trying to welcome someone into the party. (Nodding at them and telling them to come in.) Tiffany and I could not figure out who she was talking to. We realized that she was actually talking to her reflection in the glass door. Amy, you big goof.
Wendy and I spitting on lockers. Actually not just the lockers, the combination part that you had to touch in order to open the locker. Ick..how gross.
To my dear friends Joel and Nate- who thought it would be funny to stand on each side of me and burp into my face...Yeah, you had baked chicken that day for lunch. Don't ask me how I know..gross.
Mike L- We had a contest to see who could spit across the room and hit the table that Tiffany was sitting at. Tiffany says she still has flashbacks about that. (What was up with me and all the spitting? I was such a lady)
I remember Cheerleading and camp being some of the best times I had in High School. It was so much fun. Like when Wendy and I just decided to drop Gretchen because we were sick of holding her. Oops, She wasn't happy with us.
Wendy, this is for you- Rob Roesler's locker was next to or near our lockers. Someone wrote in white out on his locker "What's up Russy" and we decided to scratch off the extra 'leg' on the R in Russy.
Good Times, Great Friends.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:37 AM
John and I in Martha's Vineyard.
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My girls after a day of swimming. The babes are my sisters.